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Chinese Shar-Pei Archives

Canada's Top Ranked Chinese Shar-Pei Show Dogs

Our Mission

Our Mission

Canadian Shar-Pei Archives started as a Facebook page in mid 2013. Our Facebook page is active and will remain active. Our goal to begin with was to catalog and archive the Chinese Shar-Pei show dog in Canada within the conformation ring. We will continue that mission here on our website. Our goal is to archive our breed from the time the Canadian Kennel Club recognized us, thru today and into the future.

Canadian Shar-Pei Archives will catalogue the TOP 5 dogs in Canada from each year. Our information is based on results gathered from Best Dog In Canada website (now defunct) Canuckdogs website and old issues of Dogs In Canada magazine. We will also count on the breeders, owners and handlers in AND outside Canada to provide us with information, pictures and related history.

We will also recognize those Chinese Shar-Pei who have achieved a Best In Show or Best Puppy In Show plus ANY and ALL Best In Specially Show wins in Canada.

Canadian Shar-Pei Archives is a 100% non-bias and non-political venture. No dog, breeder, owner or handler will be left out. Once a record is made it becomes fact and therefore becomes part of our breed's history. We will recognize the achivements of all.

Thank you



The Canadian Shar-Pei Archives and companion Facebook page are both privately run not for profit ventures. We are a 100% volunteer venture. We make every effort to make sure information on this site (and Facebook page) is accurate. We do not accept any legal responsibilities for any errors or omissions. If you find any information posted that causes you a concern please contact us and we will make every effort to correct the situation. We are not affiliated with any Chinese Shar-Pei group, club or organisation. All our information is either gathered by us directly or submitted by others. Our site's logo is the property of C.S.P.A. We respectfully ask you do not reproduce it for anyother use. Thank you.

How You Can Help Us

Canadian Shar-Pei Archives was created for the breed. Our desire is to compile a complete and accurate history over the years and into the future for the Shar-Pei show dog in Canada.

If you are able to help with this venture by submitting pictures, required breeders, owners, handlers and kennel names as well as anything else related to the archives it would be greatly appreciated.

We are doing the best we can and hope with your help our archives will be complete over time!