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Chinese Shar-Pei Archives

Canada's Top Ranked Chinese Shar-Pei Show Dogs

Chinese Shar-Pei Archives



Committed to archiving our breed's history with the most complete accounting of our success in the conformation ring that you will find anywhere on the web!

It's the best way to keep in touch, stay tuned and stay up to date with everything and everyone rocking the Shar-Pei ring!

We accept any images or information that you may have in order to grow our website, keep it accurate and keep it up to date now and into the future! If your dog is one of Canada's TOP dogs in any given year please consider submitting their information and image! We include EVERYONE who's dog has achieved TOP 5 status within Canada.

Thank you


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All Rights Reserved

The Archives

Archiving Our Breeds

Past, Present and Future

For And About Canada's

Chinese Shar-Pei

Show Dogs

Committed to being the most complete and accurate history of the

Chinese Shar-Pei conformation show dog in Canada

Some pages are not yet complete lacking images and

details pertaining to the dogs owner/breeder/handler etc.

If you see missing information and photo's and can

help supply them please let us know!

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"These Facts Spell Out The History of Our Breed In The Show Ring"